hand foot whitening formula


hand foot whitening formula,Day Scrub & Night cream
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hand foot whitening formula,Day Scrub & Night cream,Ijmali white & glow hand & foot scrub,Hand foot whitening Formula cream,
ap k hath paon gory or soft hoty hen,skin pr glow ata hy
1-Ijmali scrub,Day time main ya kisi b time use kr skty hen,hath paon dho kr scrub lga lena hy light c lyyar lgani hy or 8 mint lga kr chor dena hy or phir 10 12 mint cleansing krni hy phir wash kr lene hen hafty main 3 bar use kren
2-Hand feet night cream ko night main hand feet wash kr k lgana hy or suba phir se wash kr lene hen,ap ko jitne hath paon gory krne hen utny gory krne tak daily lgaein phir hafty main 2 ya 3 dafa.


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